Estate and end of life planning can be difficult and emotional. Attorney Savaloja works with clients in a dignified and respectful manner to accomplish your goals to put in place a plan that honors your wishes and protects your assets for your family or beneficiaries.

Proper estate planning can help you manage and maintain control of personal, financial, property and legal matters thereby preserving your assets during your lifetime. It can also enable you to efficiently transfer assets to your family or beneficiaries at death or before.

Making sure you have a plan for the care of minor children or other dependents if something happens to you is often one of the most important issues we help clients with.

We also help clients plan for the ability to appoint an Attorney In Fact (Power of Attorney) to help manage business and financial matters if you are unable to attend to those needs.

Ensuring you have a personal health care agent to help you or give you comfort in the difficult medical decisions and medical matters that may come up provides added peace of mind. Many hospitals and clinics are now asking for a Health Care Directive before you receive treatment. Having one prepared in advance means you will have time to think about your decisions and convey what you really want.

Areas of representation include:

  • Creating a Will

  • Health Care Directives (also sometimes called “Living Wills”)

  • Naming a Guardian and/or Conservator

  • Protections for Minor Children or Dependents

  • Creating Trusts

    • Personal

    • Business

    • Education

    • Retirement

  • Charitable Giving

  • Powers of Attorney

    • Health care

    • Durable

    • Financial

  • Long Term Care Provisions

  • Incapacity Planning

  • Specific End of Life Requests and Arrangements

Our goal is to treat you with dignity and respect and give you peace of mind in planning your estate. We help our clients plan for end of life issues, preserve hard earned assets for family or beneficiaries and provide peace of mind through planning for family, children and other dependents.

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