Attorney Daniel Savaloja is a Minnesota Trucking and Transportation Lawyer providing services to clients in the trucking and transportation industries throughout the State of Minnesota.

Attorney Savaloja has been working in the trucking and transportation industry for nearly 25 years. Mr. Savaloja also has over 20 years of legal experience in the trucking and transportation area. Attorney Savaloja has dealt with issues facing the trucking and transportation industries from the most basic to very complex.

Attorney Savaloja’s combined legal and operational experience allows him to serve clients with a unique perspective.

As the immediate past Chairman of the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA), Mr. Savaloja has been able to work with industry leaders and lawmakers on a wide variety of issues affecting the trucking industry.

Some of the areas where Attorney Savaloja provides representation to clients include:

  • Choice of Entity Type (Corporate, LLC, Partnership, etc.)

  • Carrier Authorities

  • Brokerage Authorities

  • Independent Contractor Issues Including Lease Agreements and Compliance

  • Transportation Related Litigation (State and Federal)

  • Registered Agent Filings

  • Drug and Alcohol Policies and Programs

  • Driver Qualifications

  • Carrier Contracts

  • Shipper Contracts

  • Broker Contracts

  • LTL Contracts

  • Compliance Audit Support

  • Owner/Operator Issues

  • Equipment Purchase, Lease and Finance

  • Freight Claims

  • Bills of Lading Issues

  • Government Relations

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